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Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

“Absolutely love the CV, top and tails above the previous CV I paid for.”  Nick Johnson, Account Manager.

“Weald CV Writing Services, I cannot thank you enough, since receiving my CV from you & forwarding it on to my prospective employer in New Zealand, they have asked me to join their company.  The service you gave me was simply fantastic, I will definitely recommend your services.”  Martin Woolgar, General Foreman.

“I just want to express a massive thank you for my new CV and covering letter.  I must admit I am very impressed and pleased.  It is punchy, concise and stands out, even to me, and it’s about me!  Excellent presentation and wording, you delivered a first class service.  Thank you once again for a prompt and efficient service.  I am very happy with the result and extremely grateful for them.  I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to friends.” Norbert Buku, Head Teacher of German Department.

“Thank you for writing a fantastic CV.  To continue my career within Durham Business School, the combination of academic and professional business skills were drawn together in a complimentary and balanced manner.  This allowed the interviewers immediately to see how theory and practice have been brought together in the business environment and would benefit the position of Research Fellow.  The CV made all the difference and the position was secured.”  Karen Elliott, Impact Assessment Associate.  

“Thank you for my CV and covering letter.  To put it bluntly I was ‘gobsmacked’ when I saw the quality of the documents.  I had several interviews off the back of the CV and all in industries and areas where I had no experience.  Those jobs I managed to get down to a final 2 short list and I received many many compliments on my interview performance AND (more importantly to you) my CV.  The CV was complimented on by employers and agencies alike so once again . . . . Thanks.”  Graeme Hurst, Warehouse Manager.

“I sent/uploaded and generally distributed (everywhere) my CV last week.  The response has been slightly overwhelming.  The feedback on my CV has been very positive and everyone apart from one company has commented on how good it looks.  I have 3 interviews next week with recruitment companies and they have jobs they intend to put me forward for and I have been put forward for 3 jobs this week.  All permanent positions.  £160 well spent.”  Siobhan Airey, Senior Medical Salesperson.

“Can’t express how happy I am with my new CV.  That is exactly the kind of CV I have been digging for.  I haven’t tried other CV writers, but I think you are the best amongst the rest.”  Abdul-Kadir Wahab, Project Planner.

“I am very happy with the work you have carried out for my covering letter and the professional way you conduct your business.  I will not hesitate to use your company again or recommend you to friends or work colleagues in the future.”  Usama Ibnzaid, PC Engineer.

“I would like to thank you enormously for the hard work and effort you have displayed in writing my CV. Your approach and professionalism have been second to none. I have found your manner and attitude whilst speaking to you excellent throughout and is a reason I would recommend you to friends and use your services again in the future. The CVs you have provided have been individually created with a lot of thought and flair gone into them. With the help of your CVs I have successfully managed to change career and secure three jobs.” Nicola Housam, Prison Officer

“The CV looks really good, I have applied for jobs using the new CV and I had a phone call within an hour!! I cannot tell you the difference it has made to my confidence. Thank you so much.” Roberta Thornton, Senior Tutor.

“I have to say that the responses I have received since you produced my CV have been amazing. Almost immediately I got an interview, the first for quite a long time, then a second and a job offer and a third interview. I start my new job on Monday. After I accepted it I was still getting calls and a couple of interviews ‘just in case’. I have no doubt that your revised CV made all the difference.” Chris Johnson, Programme/Project Manager.

“Just wanted to let you know, Nigel was successful with the job application you helped him with. He started two weeks ago. Many thanks for your help.” Gill Reaney, wife of Nigel Reaney, Self-employed Builder.

“Just to let you know that Ari left on Monday for a new and permanent job on a 130ft ‘gin palace’ once used in a James Bond film no less. He is a crew of ten and it his perfect job. It was the second application made using his new CV and he landed the job without even a voice interview. This is I believe quite a testament to the professional quality that you gave his CV. Thank you for all the time and effort and for the very quick turnaround. I have no hesitation in recommending you to other frazzled mothers!” Helen Franklin Bell, mother of Ari Franklin, First Mate

'Both Emma Jane and I had immediate success with your CVs you wrote, have had numerous interviews and have already accepted jobs.  I can't thank you enough and rest assured i will recommend you to anyone i know that is having trouble getting to the interview stage in their job hunt,' Frederik Kurt, Business Partner.

'I found the services of Weald CV Writing Services to be exceptional.  I spoke to Charles and instantly felt he was the right person for the job.  He has a great deal of experience and immediately made me feel that he was able to help me.  We spent some time talking on the phone about my career  - a great conversation and he immediately put me at ease.  Two days later my CV arrived in my email.  It was brilliant.  I have made no changes to the CV and it is like Charles has known me for years!', Victoria Lewis, Sales and Marketing Manager.

'I work in a complex and often secretive sector.  My skills are held by few, and my work history is complex.  Charles grasped both my world and my abilities in a remarkably short time, and compiled a CV that ws insighful, accurate, and easy to read.  Employing Charles is investing in your future,' Peter Bleksley, Risk Intelligence Operative and Consultant.

'Many thanks for the Cv and covering letter, so much better than my previous version and exactly what i was looking for when i enquired about the service', Chris Morse, Graduate in Quantity Surveying.

Thank you very much.  I had been apprehensive about paying someone to write my CV for me but i already feel it was money well spent.  I feel optimistic all over again,' Nicola Day, Customer Services Executive.

Thank you very much for both of these.  They look extremely impressive and i am very pleased with them.  i am especially grateful for the first section giving my character profile as I would not have had the first idea how to word that! My work experience looks much more impressive now', Miranda Malins, Law Graduate.

'Prior to geting my CV revamped by Weald CVs I was failing to garner any interest in my new chosen career as i clearly wasn't selling myself well enough on paper. Within a couple of days of sending out your revised CV I had arranged three interviews and in turn these lead to a couple of job offers. I've been in my new role for a couple of weeks and it is going very well. I now clearly realise the value of a professionally drafted CV in lifting yourself above the crowd. So thank you very much,' Graham Hyde, Programme Manager.

'I am really pleased with both the CV and covering letter and you have captured exactly how i wanted to come across to a potential employer and the direction i am wanting to go whilst not losing my current experience. I tried a couple of other CV writing companies with little success. It is a shame i did not find you in the first place! Third time lucky!' Lucy Corbin, Sales, Marketing and HR Consultant.

'I believe that the visual impact and content of the covering letter and CV helped me to achieve my goal of being offered and accepting a job position wihtin a very short space of time. Subsequently i received numerous interview offers which has given me renewed confidence to move forward in my life. The service was very slick and efficient coupled with a caring and understanding nature making Weald CVs a must for future revisions to my CV,' Adam Stanger, Quality Engineer.

'Thanks very much for the excellent CV, a million miles away from my effort! I particularly like the covering letter, it looks very compelling actually. I will pass on your details to anyone that I know that needs a brilliant CV preparing. I must tell you that following my 4 outgoing emails last night to exhibition specialist head hunters with your version of my CV attached, a full 4 replied today! A 100% success rate so far based on the strength of your CV! Remarkable, I have to say,' John Skinner, Exhibitions Manager.

'I've been very happy with the service. You grasped the nature of the work in great detail and turned this into a really compelling CV in a very quick turnaround time. I've already recommended you to a colleague so hopefully you will have a call from her soon,' Nick Boot, Sales Manager.

‘Virginie recommended your services to me and I’m so pleased she did. With it I have been able to achieve my objective; that is to change my career to the events management market. I sent my CV on Monday, obtained an interview on Thursday and was offered the job on Friday. I’m still in shock!,’ Vanessa, Hernando Cristobal, Senior Business Travel Consultant.

‘Many thanks for such a superb quality and timely product. Military terminology is incredibly difficult for civilians to grasp and you did it with such accuracy, so thanks very much. I will have no hesitation in highly recommending your services,’ Captain Adrian R Craddock, QGM.

'I have been appointed as FD of OVO in Cirencester starting on 1st May when i leave Good Energy. So I am delighted. Thank you for your help with the CV', Jon Fairchild, Financial Director.

“To save you all the heartache and hangovers that the writer endured on your behalf I can only suggest very strongly that you have a leisurely chat with Charles at Weald CV Writing Services. Here is a guy at the top of his game who will engage you in jolly conversation (I couldn’t hear a stopwatch running, but I am OLD!!) and draw out of you everything he needs to put together a concise, professional CV that anyone would be proud of. So much so that I, like another customer, changed absolutely nothing from the original text except for information that Charles has suggested. Is this a warm testimonial? Well yes of course it is. Reasonable price – excellent support – and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Well done Charles.” Neil Gibbins, Marketing Manager.

“Just a quick note to thank you for transforming what I sent you into something a lot more meaningful. I think you have captured everything and more that I was attempting to do.” Michael Clark, Group CEO.

“This is great, thank you very much for your support, and input, you have helped me focus on the quantitative aspects of my career rather than the ‘War and Peace’!” Michelle De Pasquale, Director.

“I’ve now reviewed the CV and covering letter and it’s looking great, no changes whatsoever. Many than thanks for a very professional service.” Ryan Perry, Business Analyst

“Thank you so much for forwarding the final version of my CV. I am really pleased with it and look forward to using it. I am sure it will assist in generating many contracts for my new business and also impress any future employers should I decide to return to NHS employment. I am so impressed by your grasp of the depth of the OT role and responsibilities as we are a fairly rare breed! I will definitely recommend your company to my colleagues and any budding entrepreneurs I meet.” Elaine Hollerhead, Senior Occupational Therapist.

“”Well firstly may I say I am very happy I took the plunge and used a professional, as it always a debate whether it is worth it, but I am very happy with the result. You certainly listened well on the phone.” Richard Brooks, Marketing Director.

“Thank you very much for sending this through, I’ve taken time to go through both the CV and the covering letter a few times and cannot find anything that I would wish to be amended. I’m very impressed with the both the quality and speed of your work, and I am sure I’ll have more success with this document than I’ve had to date with my original version.” Doug Moger, Partner/Consultant

“Thank you very much indeed for your help. My CV looks much better and my covering letter is amazing and very professional. They were beautifully written and I’m so grateful for that. I’m glad I contacted you, you’re not only efficient and professional as well as you know what you are talking about.” Leida Lyons, Hospitality Professional.

“My over-riding reaction is that on this basis, I’d recruit myself! I’m really not sure there is anything I can add or change, which is maybe a bit lame, but testament to your ability to bring out the best in my career and skilfully condense 20 years of experience into 2 pages!” Adam Maxwell, Finance Director.

‘Just to let you know how happy I am with my new CV and covering letter. I have already had positive feedback from companies and recruitment agencies, including one from a Recruitment Manager which said: ‘‘Your CV stood out from the many we received as being amongst only 3 that we wanted to follow up’’. Without any hesitation I will recommend your services to my friends and ex-colleagues,’ Virgine Duchene, Trilingual Business Travel Consultant

'Weald CV Writing Services has turned my CV around in ways I would never have thought of, making it more attractive to potential employers. They offered me not just advice on my CV but on the whole recruitment process,' Richard Davey, Controls Engineer.